White Stuff

White Stuff

For three years, our large format team has worked directly with the White Stuff’s visual merchandising team and the latest campaign was no different. 

The objective was to create a magical ‘Time Flies’ theme for White Stuff’s spring retail window displays. The original inspirations were themed around vintage grandmother clocks, flying bugs, a 3D tree in blossom and double sided 2m self-cling trees and artist’s illustrations were provided to us to match. The team challenged us with bringing this to life in their windows. 

 The artist’s illustrations were developed into a 3D window display by our design and concept team for approval before each element was printed.  Embellishments came next in the form of acrylic butterflies and clock hands, a hinged door, pendulums and even tissue paper flowers.  

Using the Store Smart features within Additions – our global online promotional management tool – we completed a full window audit, generated proportional diagrams and provided creative templates that provided White Stuff with the ability to exactly fit the correct props in every window throughout their 120 store retail network.  

 White Stuff benefited from reduced transport costs and easier to install and handle in store due to the lightweight nature of the point of sale we designed, which also eliminated any health and safety issues. The materials were also 100% recyclable making this a better environmental choice.  

 The team at White Stuff were very impressed with the finish and replication of the artist’s illustrations as well as the success of this complex delivery to different store formats.