Walpole British Book of Luxury

We were honoured to be asked to print the Book of British Luxury 2021 for Walpole. Our experience working with British luxury brands, including many members of Walpole, meant that this was the perfect fit for us. We are also a strategic partner and printer of choice for Walpole due to our heritage in British luxury, our empathy with quality and our continuous commitment to the environment.

This publication was litho printed, foiled and bound at our state of the art production facilities. Printed on various papers supplied by G . F Smith. We welcomed Walpole and their creative agency Nous to press pass at our site in East Sussex. Our print advisory service offered bespoke input into the project to achieve the luxury end result required.

“As a close and valued partner of Walpole, Pureprint was the perfect choice to print our flagship publication: The Book of British Luxury. Pureprint’s commitment to excellence, their innovation, craftsmanship and sustainability has ensured the book is the perfect showcase of the tangible luxury of print, and the haptic power of the beautiful object.” CEO, Walpole