Transactional Mail for Castle Water

Castle Water came to Pureprint with the challenge of speeding up their existing bill mailings as well as making the process more efficient for their internal teams. Our technology team and direct mail experts worked together to create bespoke software to take the client’s mailing from 5-8 days from receipt of data to same day.

Our software has enabled the Castle Water team to dramatically speed receipt of bills to customers which has improved payment of bills and freed up time in their internal teams, whilst providing a detailed dashboard of data so they are ready for any customer queries that may arise. Customers can specify email or printed bills so we not only manage the printed bills but also fully automated email communications through our lights out system resulting in Castle Water customers receiving their bill pdf the same day.

An automatic data upload to our SFTP is made by the client’s systems at 4.30am, our bespoke software processes the data and merges it to create the personalised bill pdfs and letters and by 8.30am they are ready to print. All elements include a smart barcode which ensures full tracking of a customer’s mailing and ensures all items are matched automatically. Bills are variable multi page documents, and each unique pack can contain from 1-20 A4 leaves depending upon the size of the  customer’s business. We print full colour on our HP Indigo digital presses and the bills and letters are pushed through our intelligent barcode inserting machine which allows selective enclosing so that any relevant ancillaries can be added to the pack, for example direct debit forms. The collated items are enclosed into envelopes and handed over to our mail provider the same day.

The bespoke programme Pureprint have built runs 15 to 20 times faster than Castle Water’s previous supplier, dramatically reducing the time it takes to transform the client’s data into printable information. The previous supplier’s data programme produced 1,000 bills per hour compared to our data programme producing 15,000 to 20,000 per hour and was produced black and white compared to our full colour offering which was a key benefit to the customer. Our system also validates and strips out letters if any issues are found which is then reported straight back to Castle Water to rectify without affecting the rest of the mailing. Our account team have weekly progress calls with the Castle Water team to ensure everything is running smoothly and to iron out any issues before they could reach customers, as well as looking at constantly developing the solution to accommodate any new bespoke requirements.

We are accredited to ISO 27001 for Information Security Management and hold DMA DataSeal certification giving organisations like Castle Water confidence in our security and confidentiality of their customers’ data.

Pureprint’s approach to Direct Mail is focused around gaining a comprehensive understanding, not only of our clients offering or product, but by a detailed insight into their data. This enables our experienced technology team to develop software which improves speed, service and accuracy for this critical market.