Pureprint delivers low carbon communications for VW

Pureprint Group have been working in partnership with Volkswagen (VW) to reduce the environmental impact of their marketing materials. VW are committed to only use 100% recyclable marketing print; removing the need for any printed products to go to landfill.

Beginning with the showroom launch of the UEFA Euro 2020 sponsorship showroom launch, Volkswagen Passenger Cars will now only provide printed point of sale (POS) material that is 100% recyclable, aligning to the brand vision to be the ‘most desirable brand for sustainable mobility’.

Printed point of sale materials includes flags, banners, posters, leaflets, decorative graphics, and decals amongst many other items. The brand offers 190 POS lines across all areas of the business.

“Pureprint were the natural partner to work with on this project, not just because they manage our marketing print requirements, but because they are passionate about the environment and have been leading the conversation in this space for almost three decades.” Head of Marketing, Volkswagen UK

The launch corresponds to the UEFA Euro 2020 global sponsorship initiative, which is focused on the ID. family of models being the official mobility partner of the championships and since these vehicles are produced net carbon neutral and are the cornerstone of the brand’s Way to Zero purpose. This seems the perfect platform to launch a plan to only introduce fully recyclable materials into Volkswagen UK showrooms.

The initiative covers any new piece of printed material going into retailers, with any existing item (that might currently be less environmentally friendly) being replaced upon expiry with a fully recyclable material alternative. The team studied a typical annual supply of items and found 65% was already recyclable material. The remaining 35% was subsequently explored to understand if it could be switched to a recyclable substrate, whilst still meeting the quality requirements. This has resulted in a circa 13 tonne reductions of material going into landfill per year.

“With our commitment to making our marketing net-carbon neutral, and have started by focusing on reducing, reusing and then recycling, Pureprint are brilliant partners helping us minimise the environmental impact of our printed marketing materials whilst being aligned to our Way To Zero strategy”. Head of Marketing, Volkswagen UK

This is a significant move for the brand however, this is just the start as our attention now turns to retailer education, ensuring that the product is disposed correctly and responsibly so we have full lifecycle ownership of the marketing materials.

Find out more about our Point of Sale management here.