Pele Art Life Football – Halcyon Gallery

In celebration of Pelé’s achievements, and in conjunction with his 75th birthday, London’s Halcyon Gallery created the Art Life Football exhibition.

Our packaging experts were tasked with packaging the supporting literature for the exhibition which would include a signed print, limited edition book and certificate of authenticity. Matching the Brazil football team brand colours and making a production that would last a lifetime were specific requirements.

Extensive testing and refinement by the Pureprint creative packaging experts meant that we could ensure that this packaging would indeed last a lifetime. And with Winters Brillianta blue and yellow cloth matched to the Brazil colours, hand finishing, and high level of quality control – as well as secure storage – we knew that the end result would exceed our client expectations.

Halcyon Gallery loved what the Pureprint team produced for the Art Life Football exhibition. They were impressed by our attention to detail to guarantee minimal visible seams and clean lines so there was no overlapping or mixing of colours.