Patek Philippe Magazine

We have worked with Bookmark, Patek Philippe’s marketing agency, for over a decade producing Patek Philippe’s customer magazine, a cornerstone of their CRM programme.

Since launch, more than 300,000 customers have opted into the programme, most of whom cite the magazine as their first port of call for product news. One issue alone generated £1 million of additional watch sales.

Our print experts work closely with Bookmark on each edition to achieve the luxury finish which is so important to their discerning customers. Printed in 8 languages on our litho presses which are technologically advanced to constantly monitor colour consistency and quality.

We then manage the distribution to a number of international distribution centres to ensure the magazine can be mailed to their valuable customers.

“I am so grateful to work alongside such a strong team of dedicated people at Pureprint. These guys really take the time and effort to look at the finer detail of producing each issue, and while on the surface it appears to be the same job issue after issue, it never is. That’s what keeps the production values of the magazine so incredibly high. Strong team, amazing product, happy client.” Production Director, Bookmark