Homebase goes green with Pureprint

Pureprint have been working in partnership with Homebase since 2017, delivering innovative and effective retail marketing solutions. In 2021 we collectively agreed that it was no longer acceptable to send marketing print waste to landfill. Pureprint’s understanding and capabilities within this area have been built on a solid platform over the past 30 years with a commitment and responsibility to always do the right thing for our planet.

The scope of work included:

  • Full review of all marketing material substrates.
  • Identified items that were:
    • Already environmentally sensitive.
    • Opportunity to value engineer to take material and cost out.
    • Non-recyclable and needed to be replaced by sustainable alternatives.
  • Testing of all new products to ensure they were fit for purpose.

Whilst production is only part of the journey, we have process and partners in place to ensure we can recycle printed products after the campaign has ended. Engagement with stores was an important part of the process to ensure that we had full lifecycle ownership of Homebase’s marketing print.

Together we have:

  • Removed 385,601 individual, non-recyclable POS items and replaced them with a fully recyclable and fit for purpose alternative.
  • Eliminated all PVC products from Homebase’s supply chain and, as a direct result, have stopped sending 44,604 kilograms of PVC to landfill each year.
  • Removed non-recyclable products from the marketing print supply chain – this equates to the size of 30 football pitches or 70km of material that would have gone to landfill each year.

“We are passionate about the environment and are proud to be working with Homebase to make these positive changes. In partnership with Homebase, we are committed to making marketing print net-carbon neutral and as a result, ensuring that no printed materials need to go to landfill.” Stuart Robertson, Group Director, Pureprint Group.

In line with Pureprint’s ISO14001 accreditation, their environmental manager is responsible for ensuring that procedures are effective in reducing and preventing, as far as possible, significant impacts on the environment.

Working in partnership with Homebase, Pureprint are committed to:

  1. Eliminating the use of non-recyclable plastics.
  2. Not accept that landfill is a credible way to dispose of waste.
  3. Where products are non-recyclable, we’ve suggested environmentally friendly & cost-effective solutions.
  4. Value engineer all products to take out unnecessary cost, product and weight.
  5. Reduce of the number of packs to stores and as a direct result reduce courier volumes.

‘We’re really proud of the changes we’ve made in partnership with Pureprint and will continue to work together to better our impacts on the environment.’ – Marketing Manager, Homebase