Grunenthal Annual Report

Just because report and accounts are financial documents with an important message, it doesn’t mean that they can’t stand out. This Grunenthal Annual Report was elevated with stunning production values rarely seen in the report and accounts world.

From the inks used to the multiple materials and both litho and digital printing this report was a carefully designed and produced document to truly engage its recipient. The fluoro special green was printed litho onto the white Heaven 42 material and we mirrored the same vibrant green onto a natural Cairn paper digitally printed and underpinned with an opaque white with both inks specially formulated to match.

Complexity of finishing involved a soft touch lamination, four page cover and a six page concertina thread sewn throw out section executed with precision to communicate the important financial content.

Our customer was thrilled at both the results and the added value that our team provided to ensure their brief was met with an outstanding publication.