Bonmarché the women’s fashion retailer use our in-house photographic studio PiXL to support their product team, managing all their image requirements.

Our team produce fast turnaround mannequin and cut out images for the Bonmarché product team through model and creative studio shoots for digital, social and print campaigns. Our photographic experts work closely with the brand to develop the creative brief as well as receiving and managing the imagery calendar. They book samples and monitor sample availability in addition to booking models and purchasing make up which they ensure is all on brand. Production of image, capture and retouch from the digital unit is all within their service.

We have also implemented our digital asset management solution to streamline the workflow from the client’s previous in-house solution, which allows realtime visibility of shoot activity for the client, even from a remote location, and simplifies for the client the process of selecting and approving photos from the shoots. The ability to customise the workflow to the customer’s exact need has allowed us to greatly reduce production lead time and increase speed to market.

Our team’s in-depth experience at managing projects like this means the Bonmarché team trust them to be wholly responsible for the final delivery of images and notification of completion, releasing time from the product team’s responsibilities.