Retail Stock Solutions

Our point of sale teams often hear from high street retailer marketing teams that they are spending hours a day dealing with store requests and need a way to reduce the amount of time they are spending on in store marketing campaigns, reduce the amount of waste and achieve right first time store point of sale deliveries.

Marketing teams say they often get requests from stores with vague descriptions of what they need, duplication of orders, high volumes of packs arrive at the same store on a weekly basis resulting in high spend on courier costs and causing more work for store staff. As well as incorrect POS being displayed, particularly for new store openings resulting in lost sales.

Working with our specialist team who focus primarily on stock management all stock is transferred onto our dedicated stock holding warehouse. Using our in house built software Additions we create a stock library with each item being coded and with thumbnail images to make it easily identifiable for all users. Each store is issued its own log in, giving complete control on what the store can view and can order along with approvals set to send alerts so central teams can control what you want to see and what your stores can do.

Additions is user friendly and has complete flexibility to sort the virtual library of stock in whichever way works best for you and your stores. The system has been designed to work the same way as most online shopping systems which people are familiar with minimising the need for training. We agree custom SLAs from the time of the order being placed to POS reaching store to manage store expectations. Our system also regularly reviews order frequency and identifies opportunities to take advantage of consignments and consolidation of deliveries.

Our customers benefit from:
• Speed to market increase of 60% which is imperative for new store openings and refits
• 40% reduction in the number of packs for stock call sent to stores
• 2017 to 2019 we were able to deliver 38% saving on total cost of stock call offs when comparing same 3 month period 2017 v 2019 for customers
• Users reported over 30 hours a month saved in processing time.
• Central location to hold all POS artwork for stock elements to allow easy reprints
• Real time view of stock and what orders are being placed by the estate
• Allowing complete transparency and control of stock 24/7
• Reports at the touch of a button so you can have all the data you need to review the stores ordering activity to identify profile error or repeat offenders ordering excess POS
• Reduce reprint costs by monitoring usage

“Since implementing Additions to manage our stock we have saved over 30 hours a month in processing time dealing with store requests.” Testimonial from a retail customer