Abercombie & Kent

A luxury travel and tailor-made holiday company wanted to send out bespoke content to individual customers’ requirements. 

Abercrombie & Kent wanted to increase the ratio of enquiries to bookings by delivering a personal response across multiple channels whilst investing in reduced annual costs as well as their overall environmental impact – all whilst retaining high quality print production. Tracking and controlling cost of enquiry was also an important factor in this brief. 

We provided a variable data publishing solution via our technology team and printed on our HP Indigo presses. Our system offered a multichannel communication with a personalised PDF alternative for each enquiry. The second stage follow-up was automatically triggered and sent as a personalised HTML or printed brochure.  

All aspects were printed, finished and despatched at our in house facilities. 

The conversion rate was increased from 9 to 19% due to the brochure only containing personal destinations chosen by the client, making a more engaging communication. A reduction in print and paper costs due to personalised data, and reduced postage due to the email automation resulted in an 18% saving.  

As this was an automated web to print workflow administration, storage and waste costs were also reduced 

 “At Abercrombie & Kent we deliver tailor made service to every client. As such our marketing information needed to evolve, to deliver relevant information in response to an individual request. Now our clients start a tailor made journey even before booking a holiday.” Head of Marketing, Abercrombie & Kent