Imprint Upgrade their Colour Management Software



Imprint our large format print division has recently invested in their colour management software with an upgrade.

The ColorCert Suite from ColourLogic enables digital communication of exact colour and print requirements, producing near-real-time data for each and every press run in an easy-to-understand dashboard. We can provide customers with real-time scorecard data that confirms compliance with their brand specifications including G7 and PSO guidelines.

This gives customers ultimate confidence that every part of their point of sale or signage project has consistent on-brand colour every time.

This upgrade not only translates to more consistent brand colours throughout but means we can speed up the approval process which is so important in the fast-paced retail environment. In addition, it can often eliminate the need for time-consuming on-site press passes freeing up time for our customer’s merchandise teams to focus on other responsibilities.

If you want to find out more then email us at or find out more about our large format print division here – Point of Sale, Signage and FSDUs