The Art of Direct Mail Research

We recently ran a webinar with Walpole, the sector body representing British luxury, on The Art of Direct Mail with one of our direct mail experts Owen Purkis and Tara Pickles of JICMail, who measure direct mail’s impact as a media channel. Together they shared a wealth of up to date research on direct mail’s effectiveness and the changing environment and valuable insights into how to engage your customers in direct mail. They were also joined by Natasha Towey, Head of Marketing from Carrier, the luxury travel brand and Ryan Palmer from The London Sock Company who shared their experiences of direct mail.

You can download the presentation here for free.

You can also replay the webinar for free as a Walpole member for for a small charge as a non member.

If you would like to find out more about our direct mail services either visit our Direct Mail page or contact us.