Antibacterial Print

Although studies have found that there is very minimal risk of paper transmitting Covid-19, a TwoSides article here explains the research and findings, we do understand that some customers with high touch point items like point of sale or brochures available in public areas may feel they want to consider an antibacterial protection on their printed product.

Depending on what your requirements are we can offer you an antibacterial coating or an antibacterial laminate for your printed materials.

Our coating has an active ingredient with scientifically proven anti-microbial effectiveness which are permanent and long lasting. They have excellent levels of rub resistance, meaning they can be handled multiple times without losing their antibacterial properties.

The antibacterial laminate provides the added protection and finish of a matt or gloss laminate alongside antibacterial properties. Eliminating 99% of bacteria, no matter how many hands touch your product, your surface will remain clean and hygienic for up to 12 months of your laminated product. The anti-bacterial properties are contained within the film meaning that its free from any oral toxicity and is suitable for physical or oral contact.

These treatments are perfect for point of sale and brochures, catalogues and books which are in public areas.

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